At a time when we should be visiting shops as little as possible, we need to become a lot more organised.  Stocking up on a range of store cupboard items is a great way to ensure you can meal plan with ease and cut back on waste.

Recipes from Smart Store Cooking centre around particular store cupboard items, and we are delighted to share some of our creations with you.  We have designed a 'Mini Meal Plan' which includes seven of our recipes, complete with a list of store cupboard essentials.  All of these items have a long shelf life and most can be used in two or more of the recipes.  You may already have some of these essentials at home. 

Each recipe outlines the store cupboard items you should have and also a list of fresh ingredients you will need to buy.  You can pick and choose your favourites, and then just add the relevant ingredients to your shopping list.

The idea here is to limit the necessity for you to have to go shopping, make it much easier to plan your meals and to eat well with less waste.